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Morton’s Steakhouse

A brand well done.

When we met Morton’s The Steakhouse, it was as a small Chicago-based chain with a largely unknown brand but a dedication to an exceptional steak and a classic good time. What we saw was the opportunity to think beyond the steak to brand an iconic experience that offered a breakout strategy.

The concept was to brand the good time – and bring the steak along for the ride. The audience were the prime movers. The top of the top.

The executives, entrepreneurs and owners who were tired of being told to reduce their beef, slim their portions, shrink their tastes…and lower their sense of a good time.

Enter Elias/Savion.
The Agency created a reverse trend strategy to counter the PC movement in dining while providing a high-end oasis of the big, the bold, and the best in all things. It resonated with our audience core. It spoke directly to the movers and shakers. And created a legendary following.

The Agency leveraged this following – true legends of sport, music, entertainment and life – to create the “Legends Are Larger Than Life” campaign. Ali. Bennett. Hutton. King. And many more on the walls and in the halls of Morton’s from coast to coast.

The steak became the experience. The experience became the brand. And the brand became the worldwide standard for the best of the best. An international success story with an acquisition happy ending – now owned by Landry’s.

Mortons | Elias-Savion

The E/S Treatment:

  • Consumer Research
  • Activ-8 Branding Structure
  • Identity System
  • Store Design
  • After-market Product Design
  • Attire Design
  • Menu Engineering
  • Digital Branding
  • Website
  • Video/photography
  • Production
  • Global Template Manual



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