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Surprising Tools for Creative Breakthroughs

It’s an outside-the-box technological diagnostic tool that will free you from your screen-centered world.

It doesn’t require batteries, and circumvents the keyboard to deliver your thoughts directly – without electronic interference.

Want to use it? It’s a notebook – the kind you write on, with a pencil.

In a screen-dominated world, stepping away from your computer, smartphone and television is becoming a revolutionary act of creativity.

The average American adult spends nearly 11 hours each day consuming electronic media, according to a recent Nielsen Company audience report. We spend 50 hours – more than a standard 40 hour work week – with devices, according to a CNN report.

At Elias/Savion, we live the digital life, too. We are keyed into the trends, the audiences, the analytics. Most importantly, we analyze that data to create actionable insights.

But we also are committed to a creative mindset that positions brands to flourish and break-through the digital noise. We are not afraid to go against the grain to find a solution.

Digital may rule the waking world, but analog techniques can move beyond the limitations of screens to find a more creative solution. Consider that one of the most well-known software companies – Adobe, known for developing the PDF and an ever-growing software suite – deploys analog tools to discover new creative paths.

In the “Revenge of Analog”, author David Sax explores the need for real things and the resurgence of non-digital – vinyl records and independent bookstores, for instance.

Next time you’re stuck for a creative idea, try stepping away from your screens.

Doodle a bit.

Write an honest, true sentence.

Use the eraser to rub it out. Try again. Repeat.

You may just find the creative breakthrough you needed.



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