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Bio Power

In pursuit of the edge.

In the perpetual search for peak performance, obtaining an edge drives the market. Brand a new fitness product idea, backed by vibrational medicine and the innovative science of far infrared rays to achieve heightened performance, rapid recovery and holistic energy enhancement.

Enter Elias/Savion.
After researching the market, Elias/Savion found the edge and developed the entire brand, from name and logo, to packaging, displays, messaging and advertising.

First, the name needed to turn heads and engage with a promise. BIO Power did that and more.

The sharp, intertwined logo, the color palette, and the design of the packaging showcased the synergy of far infrared and vibrational technology. The “POWERED. For Life” tagline energized the product salience at the consumer level, and provided an aspiration.

Packaging and POP display were developed in consultation with Dick’s Sporting Goods and other leading retailers in order to showcase the product vibrantly yet efficiently.

The Agency then engaged athletes and alternative medicine thought leaders in a multi-channel approach to the market incorporating digital, print, public relations, trade shows and events… all with a competitive edge.

BioPower | Elias-Savion

The E/S Treatment:

  • Consumer Research
  • Global Client Research
  • Activ-8 Branding Structure
  • Identity System
  • Product Design
  • Store Displays
  • Packaging Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website
  • Global Template Manual



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