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Why style matters.

Elias/Savion’s emphasis on style has differentiated the firm since its inception nearly 40 years ago. At the time, many businesses were rejecting the traditional practice of business attire in the office in favor of something more casual.

We don’t mean to imply that business casual firms engage in only casual business… but casualwear is often based on trends and fads, while a sharp suit, tie or skirt is timeless. Considering that this was the mid-1970s, many other firms’ more casual concepts of appropriate business attire at the time are now likely reduced to fodder for Halloween costumes.

There’s a reason the Pittsburgh Business Times called us one of the city’s 15 coolest offices in September 2015. Stepping into the E/S office is an experience that immediately immerses visitors in contemporary elegance. Sleek marble and glass conference rooms offer unparalleled views of the city as other meeting spaces range from the classically sophisticated library to the innovative Cyber Room. The Martini Bar, a space that celebrates and evokes the most iconic of classic cocktails, offers a dynamic area for staff, clients and visitors to meet. Just like the talent roaming our stylishly-ornamented halls, you won’t find anything like it anywhere else.

At Elias/Savion, you’ll encounter a team that looks clean, neat and professional, following the standards set by its principals. Like our office, we exemplify the crossroads of traditional and cutting-edge as we cut through the casual jeans-and-polo culture of the modern business world.

Our team follows the spirit of the office’s stylish aesthetic by adopting a tenue de ville dress code. Although dress codes have relaxed in many industries over the last few decades, we’ve remained firm in our dedication to sharp, impressive business attire every day.

So why? What is the importance of style in the workplace?



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