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A story worth your time.

In today’s hyperactive, fragmented media landscape, it is increasingly difficult to get the attention of reporters and editors at every kind of media outlet – from network TV morning shows and national trade publications to smaller media outlets covering the region and bloggers focused on a specific industry space.

The demands and deadlines placed on today’s journalists of every stripe have only grown.

They are expected to churn out multiple articles or pieces on a given day, blog on their own and remain active on social media.

Like many professions, they are asked to do more with less.

How do you cut through the chaos to get your organization noticed and convince a journalist to cover your story?

Consider first whether your story has all the right elements.

If your company can check the box on these key elements, you then need to be transparent about what you can provide to a reporter who has shown interest.

You also need to be mindful of a reporter’s ongoing and changing needs.

Promise only what you can deliver, and understand that every journalist is facing multiple deadlines every day.

Demonstrate your reliability by cooperating with a journalist to help them develop a good story, and chances are they’ll come back to you again seeking a source or an idea.



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