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VELOCITY World Media

High-definition, high-drama.

From a pharmaceutical product launch, to a financial investment program. From a live fundraiser to a live fashion show. VELOCITY World Media travels at the speed of success.

Through live broadcast events, VELOCITY treats guests to unmatched, consistent hospitality and a stunning high-definition experience that helps companies reach niche audiences in a single night.

There is no other way to package information with so much efficiency, impact, and sophistication. From a single location to thousands of venues worldwide.

Enter Elias/Savion.
As the full-service client for VELOCITY, Elias/Savion created a brand that represents VELOCITY’s core strengths: innovation, high-technology and power.

Using sleek lines, high-contrast imagery and the suggestion of wonder, the Agency delivered a high-definition brand to reflect the company’s high-definition experience.

The results have been seen and heard around the world. The brand recognition, media presence and generated by Elias/Savion has led VELOCITY to reach new heights. The company has gone on to produce and direct wildly successful programs featuring cultural icons such as Vidal Sassoon, Christopher Brooker, the Smithsonian Institute Hall of Fame, and Grammy® Award-winning artists Jewel, Wynton Marsalis and Stanley Jordan.

Velocity | Elias-Savion

The E/S Treatment:

  • Industry Research
  • Consumer Research
  • Activ-8 Branding Structure
  • Digital Branding
  • Website
  • Video/photography
  • Production



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