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Kraft Foods

Feeding a brand’s soul.

Kraft Foods called upon Elias/Savion for the development of a worldwide call-to-action for continued innovation centered on customer collaboration and new ways of working together.

Kraft developed a new strategic vision that reinvented the very foundations of commerce, consumer focus and shared responsibilities for growth. The goals were straightforward: eliminate disruptions and enable growth.

Enter Elias/Savion.
Elias/Savion worked with Kraft and other industry partners to articulate the complex new framework for defining common terms and measures, developing process and data standards for transacting business and communicating best practices.

The result was a powerful message that brought the entire effort into focus: We inspire trust. We act like owners. We keep it simple. We are open and inclusive. We tell it like it is. We lead from the head and the heart. We discuss. We decide. We deliver.

The agency and Kraft delivered its messaging via an 80-page report and online initiative that sparked a collaborative revolution within the company and beyond. The ongoing effort is still affecting the way the industry interacts with competitors, customers, vendors and the world at large.

Kraft | Elias-Savion
The E/S Treatment:

  • Industry Research
  • Consumer Research
  • Strategy
  • Creative
  • Brand Messaging
  • Initiative Kick-off



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