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Story Archetypes

The unsung heroes of content marketing.

Everybody loves an underdog.

There’s some truth to that old adage, but its essence is built upon the truth that people love a good story. And at the heart of every story is a protagonist whose personal journey drives the narrative.

It’s especially true in content marketing.

The universal art of storytelling allows marketers to transcend audiences and connect via a shared experience.

Though the mediums are constantly evolving—from print to television to the web and beyond—the foundations for a good story consistently ring true.

The explorer.
Independent with just the right amount of daring, the explorer is a pioneer with a sense of purpose. It’s an adventurous brand that is in tune with its inner self. It’s steeped in optimism, communicating to consumers that big risks pay off. It embodies a sense of freedom and promises to deliver it to consumers if they choose to embark on the brand journey. The explorer looks back on its inhibitions and celebrates its consumers’ curiosity

The rebel.
The rebel brand is radical and revolutionary. It’s hyperaware of societal rules and norms and realizes it must reject the status quo to reach its true potential. It appeals to customers with its free-spirited nature and bravery, and often makes moves solely for shock factor. A rebel brand breaks rules because it knows without doing so it is powerless, inspiring consumers to do the same.

The hero.
Determined and proud, the hero brand promises that victory is always within reach. The hero has proved its worth in the eyes of the consumer and has confidence in the value, service and quality it offers to its audience. It is brave and skillful, proven to be triumphant over its competitors. Perhaps most importantly, the hero knows its success was not without struggle, humanizing the brand while upholding its aspirational stance.

The average Joe.
The average Joe is friendly yet without frills. It realizes there is true value to fitting in, and that there’s great comfort in normalcy. It knows familiarity is a great asset in connecting with consumers, and it achieves that by being both empathetic and reliable. The average Joe is a brand consumers can depend on and therefore will invest in.

The caregiver.
Dedicated and often maternal, the caregiver brand is an innate nurturer. It inspires consumers with its belief in the power of love and compassion. It believes that when we all pitch in, we’re better off than we would be on our own. When a caregiver brand speaks, it does so with concerned authority underscored by a desire to be a stepping stool for its consumers to achieve.

These storytelling archetypes have withstood the test of time—and can help marketers craft content that resonates with customers and builds brand loyalty.

Find your archetype, and then write your story.



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