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Show and tell.

Effective infographics prove seeing is believing.

There are endless ways to present information in a digital world.

But when part of your strategy involves communicating complicated research—a surefire way to showcase expertise and gravitas in your industry—few techniques are as effective as an infographic.

A successful infographic is capable of distilling complex research (or shoehorning expansive trends) into a clear and concise visual map. It allows audiences—often customers and potential customers—to instantly learn something about the industry, and about your brand.

When done right, an infographic can highlight industry leadership, while also providing a resource for customers.

Do the research.

The most beautiful or clever infographic means nothing without meaningful data. Start by compiling relevant research on the topic at hand. As trends emerge or as noteworthy statistics appear, it will become clear which topics you’ll want to focus on for a particular infographic.

Collaborate across departments.

This is the time to pull in members of the entire team. By allowing the data to inform the content, you’re already setting a powerful tone for visuals. But it requires input from designers, content developers, web developers and more to create an infographic that both stands out visually and adds depth to the brand.

Design to share.

Once the content and design strategy are pinned down, keep in mind your infographics will be most effective with legs. Focus on creating a clean, uncomplicated design that customers would be happy to share with each other via email, post to Facebook or LinkedIn, or pin to Pinterest.

Don’t forget the audience.

Before you get caught up in flashy graphics an interesting data, keep in mind you’re creating this content for a purpose—to connect with your audience. Focus on information that is first and foremost relevant to current and potential customers and industry leaders, and your infographic will do the work for you.



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