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Running your own race.

See if you have ever encountered this set of circumstances.

You are on a jog or walk, and you are hitting your stride. The endorphins are kicking in, and you are feeling pretty good about yourself, your pace and your commitment to staying strong and healthy.

In some sense, you are in the zone with purpose and conviction. Then, someone blows by you as if the wind is at his back.

Immediately, you can tell that he works out constantly and is in great physical shape. It seems as if he is barely breaking a sweat.

How do you react?

Do you maintain your pace and your stride, content with your progress?

Or, do you start questioning yourself?

Do you feel compelled to give in to that competitive spirit and hit the accelerator so you are running faster and harder?

In life and in business, competition is a powerful force that can drive organizations and companies to reach higher and go further.

When organizations become obsessed with their competitors and want to imitate almost everything the guy down the block is doing – in their marketing, in how they interface with their customers and in how they are planning strategy – that competitive spirit can be a company’s undoing.

In many cases, it is about staying cognizant of what is happening around you but committing to your own course of action:

Businesses that succeed focus on what they do well and ensure that they continue to do it well.

It becomes the differentiator, the company’s call sign with customers and prospects.

Stick with such an approach, and chances are you will find the competition trying to mimic you instead.



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